ST-10T NT 33in.Track
Basic Vehicle 19,500 # Frame Section modulus 121 cu. in.
Payload 20,000 # Maximum speed@ 2,200 rpm 7 MPH
Gross weight 39,500 # Ground Clearance 20.6 in.
Track Area @ 6in penetration 9304 sq. in. Turning Radius 0
Ground Pressure- Unloaded 1.61 psi Fording Depth 48 in.
Ground Pressure-Loaded 3.26 psi Climbing Grade 60%
Side Hill Ability 40%
Dimensions Height 105 in.
Length 210 in.
Width 102 in.
Width with tracks Off 96 in.
Heavy Duty"corten" Chassis Cummins 6BTA Diesel 177 HP.
Hydrostatic pumps and motors 1 or 2 Man cab with ROPS
75 Gallon Fuel Tank Hydraulic Tanks and Coolers
Residential Muffler Full Instrumentation in Cab
Deck Available 2 Front and Rear working lights
8 Road Wheels solid Rubber 33in. 1/2 in. thick D-dent tracks
Walking Beam Construction Front and Rear Sprockets
Frame Reinforcements and Brush Guards Pusher Fan
Torque hubs c/w brakes D Heavy Duty 12 volt Battery
3-pump adapter gear box Options Available
ST-15T 40in. D-Dent or Flat Track
Minnesota Outdoors
Basic Vehicle 22,000 Pounds
Payload 33,000 Pounds
Gross Weight 55,000 Pounds
Track area @ 6in. Penetration 12,800 sq. in.
Ground pressure-unloaded 1.81 psi
loaded 4.17 psi
Height 108 in. Length 260 in. Width 120 in. Width tracks off 96 in.
Fire Fighter
Basic Vehicle 6100 pounds
Payload 2,000 pounds
Gross Weight 8100 pounds
Track area @ 6 Penetration 3,600 sq. in.
Ground pressure unloaded 2.11 psi
loaded 2.66 psi
Height 74 Length 124 Width 66
Heavy Duty Chassis Perkins Diesel
Mechanical or hydrostatic Drive Full Instrumentation in Cab
Tandem rear walking beam Parking Brake switch on Dash
Choice on Diesel engines Grease Type Wheel Hubs
Mico driveline brake Electronic Joystick Steering
27 Gallon Fuel Tank 100 gallon stainless water tanks
Oil Cooler Residential Muffler
Front And Rear Lights Track Adjusters
6 Solid Rubber Road Wheels Pusher Radiator Fan
16.5 Inch D-Dent Track Bars 1man or 2-Man Cab With ROPS
Walking Beam Suspension 12 Volt Electrical System
Independent Track Control Hydraulic Tank For Carrier
Minnesota Outdoors
Basic Vehicle 8,600 pounds
Payload 6,000 pounds
Gross Weight 14,600 pounds
Track area @ 6" Penetration 4,480 sq. in.
Ground pressure unloaded 1.92 psi
loaded 3.26 psi
Maximum speed 15 MPH #
Ground clearance 11.5 in #
Dimensions- Height 88 in. Turning radius min. inside 0 in.
Length 154 in. Fording depth 33 in.
Width 90 in. Climbing Grade 60%
Side hill ability 40%
Heavy Duty " Corten" Chassis 1 or 2 Man cab with ROPS
Cummins 4BT Diesel 115 HP Parking Brake Switch on Dash
Pump Drive Full Instrumentation in cab Sunstrand pumps in
Tandem Grease type wheel hubs
Fairfield torque and intercal brakes Full deck
27 Gallon fuel Tank Residential Muffler
Oil Cooler
Radiator fan
Track Adjusters 8 Road Wheels Solid Rubber Pusher
Front and Rear Lights Independent Track Control
Standard 28 in. D- Dent Tracks 12 Volt Electrical System
Walking Beam Suspension Hydraulic Tank for Carrier
Basic Vehicle 17,600 pounds
Payload 10,000 pounds
Gross Weight 27,600 pounds
Track area @ 6 " penetration 9304 sq. in.
Ground pressure unloaded 1.14 psi.
loaded 2.21 psi.
Frame Section Modulus 89.7 cu. in. #
Maximum speed @ 2,500 rpm 7 MPH #
Dimensions- Height 96 in. Ground clearance 21 in.
Length 204 in. Turning radius min. inside 0 in.
Width 96 in. Fording depth 42 in.
Track off Width 86in. Climbing grade 60%
Side hill ability 40%
Heavy duty "Corten" Chassis Cummins 6BTA Diesel 154 HP
Hydrostatic Motors 1or 2 Man Cab With ROPS
50 Gallon Fuel Tank Hydraulic Tanks and Coolers
Residential Muffler Full Instrumentation in Cab
Deck Available 2 Working Lights
8 Road Wheels solid Rubber Standard 33in. D-Dent Tracks
Walking Beam Suspension Front and rear Sprockets for stability
High Torque Hubs 8D Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery
3-Pump adapter Intergal Brakes