This is a list of new machine that may not be on the website due to not yet at the yard or they have not yet been inspected.

1404 Imp D-dent tracks

1404 Imp Snow tracks

Bombardier  Muskeg HDW

ASV 2800 Track Truck Diesel

Bombardier SV200

1975 3 Man Bombi

1982 3 Man Bombi

1978 3 Man Bombi

Bombardier Muskeg with Dozer blade

Several Tucker Sno-cats

BR 275 MP

Nodwell FN 60

LMC 3700D

Thoikol 3700C

Thiokol 3700C

 Thiokol 1200C

3-Bombardier B-12 buses

Nodwell FN-35